Escape to Watamu Beach: Dive, Dine, & Discover Coastal Gem


Near Mombasa, the oldest city in Kenya, and 15 kilometers south of Malindi, you’ll find Watamu Beach, Kenya. With its pristine seas, the beach is a great place to do a lot of different kinds of activities, plus there is a lot of wildlife safari in the region. It is a lovely location along Kenya’s coastline, famous for its exquisite white sand. Scuba diving and snorkeling are excellent here as it’s a part of the Watamu National Marine Park. While on Kenya Safaris Tours, the coral reefs contribute to the creation of breaks for surfers and are home to various lively underwater species.

Watamu Beach Accommodations:

  • Seaside Sports Resort: This popular family-run resort offers many lodging options, including a family “nest” with four connected rooms, a two-story cabana room, a balcony room, and a beach house with three extra beds. Ocean’s seaside eatery’s delectable cuisine blends Kenyan flavors with classic pub fare. Savor a sundowner at the beach bar with breathtaking views of Watamu Beach. Ocean’s Bar is well-known for its nightlife and lively atmosphere in the evening.
  • The beach club Turtle Bay: The explorers who care about the environment will love this eco-friendly option. According to Eco-Tourism Kenya, Turtle Bay Beach Club is the first hotel in Kenya to be awarded a “Gold Eco-rating” for its green practices and community-serving initiatives. Situated amidst ten acres of lush tropical vegetation, the hotel stretches across 200 meters of coastline. More than any other hotel in the area, Turtle Bay has the broadest accommodations.
  • Watamu Treehouse: Watamu Treehouse is a spiral-shaped, white-brick building with a distinctive look. Broad views of the Indian Ocean and the lush coastal forest below are available from the clifftop hotel. The hotel was constructed without destroying any trees on an existing woodland clearing. From massages to yoga on the top floor to culinary classes, Watamu Treehouse provides a variety of soothing activities. Using only the freshest regional ingredients, our restaurant serves a delectable selection of Indian, Middle Eastern, and Swahili cuisine.
  • Exclusive Nyumbani Tembo Hotel: Among the top hotels near the beach, Nyumbani Tembo is a boutique hotel only 400 yards from Watamu Beach. The hotel’s traditionally furnished rooms surround a central courtyard with a vast swimming pool. Additional amenities include a communal lounge, eatery, Bar, and currency exchange desk. Nyumbani Tembo provides outstanding value for money despite its first-rate facilities and convenient location.

The climate:

There are two seasons of rainfall in Watamu Beach. The extended season begins in April and runs through June, while the shorter one occurs in November and December. There are also two dry seasons in the area. The brief one spans the months of January, February, and the first few days of March, while the lengthy dry season spans July until October.

The ideal time to visit Watamu Beach:

Watamu Beach is ideal to visit all year round, but the best time is from July to October, as this is the most extended dry season, and the weather is clear and sunny with a cool coastline.

Activities in Watamu Beach:

  • Snorkeling: Popular off the shore of Watamu snorkeling; however, permissions are required. Next to Turtle Bay Beach Resort, the Kenya Wildlife Service Hut sells permits. Snorkeling is excellent at Watamu Marine National Park, and the 1-kilometer ride there will cost you about KSH 2,500, according to the boat operators. Plan to find moray eels, damselfish, and lionfish. Dozens of boats anchor alongside Watamu’s well-known hotels. If you choose not to visit the park, you may still observe abundant fish off the coast, and snorkeling conditions are ideal at low tide.
  • Scuba: Watamu’s clean, warm waters are constantly between 25 and 30 degrees Celsius, and visibility is between 5 and 25 meters. Kenya’s coastline’s outer reefs are home to 20 of the best diving locations in Watamu. Situated inside Watamu Marine National Park, the village is around 30 minutes away from all the destinations by boat. Diving is available all year round, while entry to the adjacent lagoon could only be feasible during the rainy season.
  • Ruins of Gedi: The old Gedi Ruins are approximately 8.4 miles from Watamu along the Gede Watamu Road. The location was reportedly a major trading hub several hundred years ago, and the ruins contain a mosque, a palace, tombs, and several homes. According to archaeologists, the site dates to the early 13th century. Viewed as one of Kenya’s biggest mysteries, the Gedi Ruins are an intriguing day trip from Watamu.
  • Regional Ocean Trust: The Local Ocean Trust drives Watamu’s conservation efforts, spearheading significant initiatives to save sea turtles. You can explore their Marine Information Centre in Watamu. This non-profit is dedicated to safeguarding endangered species. You can visit the Sea Turtle Rehabilitation Center patients while learning about the local marine fauna. At the entrance, a minimum gift of KSH 500 is needed.

 How to get to Watamu Beach?

Malindi and Mombasa are two easy options to reach Watamu Beach; flights from Nairobi to both locations are available. Malindi Airport to Watamu is a 30-minute drive away, and a cab ride can cost up to KSH 3,000. The majority of hotels provide an airport transportation service. The slightly lengthier travel from Mombasa will take about 90 minutes. Up to KSH 8,000 will be spent on the taxi ride. While driving from Nairobi is an option, the lengthy road trip takes about 8 hours, so if you want to cut down on travel time, we suggest taking a flight to either Malindi or Mombasa.

Is it Safe for Visitors to Watamu?

Watamu Beach and other Kenyan coastal districts are safe by the Foreign and Commonwealth Office (FCO). However, common sense precautions, such as staying away from crowded, poorly lit locations, still hold. You should pack only what you need for your trip. Stay away from late-night activities, and take extra care with your belongings. Keep your cash to a minimum, and never leave your luggage unattended. By taking these safety measures, visitors can spend a safer and more pleasurable time discovering Watamu’s beauty and charm. Like at any site, the secret to a great trip is being cautious and aware of your surroundings.

Although Watamu and Kenya’s coastal districts are safe, visitors should still use caution and follow basic safety precautions, according to the Foreign and Commonwealth Office. Travelers can enjoy Watamu’s beauty and culture without concern by adopting a few easy precautions, like avoiding dangerous places, packing valuables, and maintaining alertness. Immerse yourself in the charms of this seaside paradise with its stunning landscapes, lively culture, and friendly welcome. Watamu Beach offers travelers of all stripes experiences that they will remember, whether they’re exploring immaculate beaches, savoring delectable cuisine, or interacting with locals. To create lifelong memories in the enchanted coastal refuge of Watamu, Kenya, pack a bag of thrills, observe tradition, and set out on a voyage.

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