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The average human life expectancy is now just over 70 years globally, and people have become more health conscious. During the first two decades of the millennium, the average life span has increased by more than six years. Along with it, there has been a significant increase in people’s awareness about staying healthy and enjoying a better quality of life. The COVID-19 pandemic has greatly boosted health awareness by exposing our vulnerabilities to killer diseases. The pandemic has taught us the importance of self-care. The rude shock of untimely deaths from Covid-19 has been an eye-opener. People now realize the importance of staying healthy from within by boosting immunity that can help to protect from diseases. The growing popularity of wellness centers like Vista Health and Wellness Clinic shows that people strive to stay healthy and even become healthier.

Vista Health and wellness clinic – encouraging self-care


Modern lifestyle is highly stressful, and the main cause for rising mental health issues as depression grips the majority of the population. Experts believe that in recent years, there has been an epidemic of depression and anxiety as it affects almost everyone, though in varying degrees. As anxiety and depression cast a negative spell on our lives, managing stress has become critical to maintaining good health. Primary health care focuses on our wellness and well-being based on self-care. 

Vista health and wellness clinic provides comprehensive primary care wellness services and the foundation for self-care. Taking care of yourself without being selfish or self-indulgent is what self-care is about: maintaining a perfect balance of the body, mind, and soul that makes you feel good and happy. Health and wellness go hand in hand and can drive people towards healthier living and help them enjoy life by exploring their full potential. Self-care is the tool to cope better with the elements that trigger daily stress. As technology penetrates deeper into our lives, the effort to keep pace with a fast-moving lifestyle greatly multiplies stress. Added to this are unhealthy eating habits and less sleep, which often compound the problem. 

 The experts at Vista health and wellness clinic can play the role of Wellness Advocates and accompany you in your journey to achieve optimal health. 

Self-care is the crucible of good health.


 Self-care is much more than just loving your body. It’s a health-oriented approach that delves into the ability of individuals, families, and communities to prevent disease, promote and maintain health, and cope with illness on their own or with help from a caregiver or healthcare provider. This is how the World Health Organization prefers to define self-care. 

Everything that contributes to healthy living is a part of self-care and includes nutrition, hygiene, and medical care when necessary. All the steps you take to manage the stress in your life to promote health and wellness are the components of self-care. You must practice self-care to achieve positive health outcomes through the betterment of your physical, emotional, and mental health. 

You can visit Vista Health and Wellness Clinic to receive proper guidance and assistance in your journey toward optimal health. The Wellness Advocates at the clinic can become your mentor and help you choose the services and resources that promote optimal health by being healthier with the passing day.

Achieving wellness and optimal health


Becoming a champion in any discipline is difficult, but it is more difficult to remain a champion. In the same way, it is quite challenging to stay healthy, but the real challenge is to become a healthier and happy individual. Taking steps toward health optimization in the long term can get you closer to achieving your goal of optimal health. Each individual is unique, and their path to wellness is unique. Therefore, you can seek help from the Vista health and wellness clinic experts to create a customized health plan for you. 

Chronic diseases are the biggest impediments to wellness, and you must explore the options of using alternative medicines to improve your health through lifestyle changes. Practicing good habits that promote better health is crucial to progress in the right direction in your journey to enjoy a healthy and active life for many years. 

Embrace sustainable improvements for wellness.


With many wellness fads around us, it can be overwhelming to identify things that can work for you. To avoid confusion, it is better to look for sustainable health and wellness improvement methods. You can become your healthcare advocate for the best-personalized care because nobody knows your body and health better than you. Move away from conventional medicines and explore the immense power of functional medicines while working alongside integrative physicians to make the best decisions about your wellness and well-being. These doctors have the acumen and training to deeply understand an individual’s lifestyle, environment, and unique biology. With extensive experience promoting optimal health, these doctors can help manage and prevent chronic diseases. 

Focus on balanced nutrition and gut health.


What you eat matters most in maintaining good health. A disciplined approach in choosing foods is critical to ensure a healthy diet by maintaining a proper balance of all nutrients to support good health. For creating a healthy diet plan, stay away from processed food, avoid the lure of junk foods, and pack your menu with lots of fresh fruits and vegetables. 

A balanced diet contains all the vital nutrients that the body needs to stay healthy by ensuring proper digestion. Not having a balanced diet will increase your vulnerability to infection and disease, preventing you from performing to your full potential and affecting your wellness.  

Choose your food items with due consideration to the nutritional content. Create a healthy mix of various foods, including fruits, vegetables, grains, dairy, and protein. For example, when you consume an assortment of eggs, meat, fish, nuts, beans, and legumes, you can be sure of striking the right balance. The foods contain vitamins, antioxidants, minerals, protein, carbohydrates, fiber, and healthy fats. If you are a vegan, then emphasize plant-based foods like beans and tofu more. Always avoid highly processed foods, red and processed meats, added sugar and salt, refined grains, Trans fat, and ditch your alcohol habit. 

The right choice of foods by incorporating prebiotics and probiotics in your daily routine is good for gut health. The selection of foods goes a long way in prioritizing well-being from the inside out and positively impacts your physical, emotional, and mental health.

Minimize blue light exposure.


 As we have become more dependent on technology in search of a comfortable living, we have unknowingly done more than good for ourselves. Addiction to television, computers, mobile phones, and LED light bulbs has become a curse for us as these are the major disruptors of sleep and cause enormous biological disturbances. Having eye problems is quite common. Getting hooked to electronic gadgets for enjoying audio-visual content impedes wellness as these trigger too much stress. It’s a matter of serious health concern that doing away with electronic gadgets is a forlorn thought. The only way to deal with the problem is to reduce exposure to blue lights. Take frequent breaks when using electronic devices with screens for extended periods, for leisure or work.

Have good sleep


Maintaining mental poise that fosters emotional wellness is extremely important to prioritize sleep. Sleep plays a vital role in ensuring wellness and well-being with a deep connection to good health. Good sleep is essential for a healthy body and mind that augurs good health. The way you feel after waking up depends largely on the quality of sleep that you have. While you sleep, your body recovers from the stress endured and supports healthy brain function, essential for sound physical and mental health. The extent of hormones the body generates depends on the amount and quality of sleep, as does the body’s metabolism. As revealed in various studies, hormones that control hunger go up when you do not have enough sleep. Sleep also significantly affects the immune system, which must be sound enough to support good health.

Therefore, to achieve optimal health, you must recognize and address sleep problems so that there is perfect harmony between your body and mind. Good sleep goes a long way to impact various aspects of your life, such as relationships, self-esteem, and professionalism. High self-esteem is a sign of wellness that creates a confident personality and drives people to perform to the best of their ability. The healthcare professionals at Vista health and wellness clinic recommend having seven or more hours of sleep at night. 

Good sleep lowers the risk for serious health problems like heart disease and diabetes and prevents falling sick easily. However, if you have sleep disorders, consult a doctor of Functional Medicine to unearth the root cause and find a long-term cure to the problem.  

Explore the power of functional medicine.


Good habits and a disciplined lifestyle are essential for improving wellness and well-being, but you must address the health issues that create impediments to stay healthier. Usually, chronic health issues are hurdles on your way to better health. However, it is not enough to stay healthy, and you must always try to make improvements to lead a healthier life free from diseases. To ensure wellness, you must address your health issues by considering your body as a whole and not just treating specific problems. For whole-body care, you must turn to functional medicine, which has been a rage recently. A holistic approach to treatment is the hallmark of Functional Medicine, which explores the body’s self-healing powers to find a cure by addressing the root cause. 

The practitioners of Functional Medicine look much beyond the symptoms and base their diagnosis on the evaluation of physical health, mental health, lifestyle, nutrition, environment, and family history. Since all these aspects are interconnected and impact wellness and health, it makes enough sense to explore each aspect to understand the root cause of the problem. Eradicating the root cause ensures sustainable gains as the possibility of recurrence of the problem is almost non-existent, provided you stick to treatment recommendations even after the problem subsides. 

Preventive care with Functional Medicine


Functional Medicine plays an extensive role in improving health and wellness. It is helpful for curing diseases and highly effective in preventive care. Developing a health plan based on the exhaustive information gathered about the person and the surroundings helps healthcare providers detect vulnerabilities that might trigger sickness. Early detection of the vulnerabilities helps to pre-empt the condition that might be detrimental to good health in the long run. Taking a proactive approach to treatment is the specialty of Functional Medicine that makes it more effective in supporting your efforts to ensure better health outcomes. The lesser the chances of falling sick, the better your health outcomes will be as you progress toward achieving your optimal health goals.

A health plan exclusively for health betterment can make you feel better even when you are not in pain or sick. Addressing the vulnerabilities in advance minimizes the chances of falling sick. With lower chances of falling sick, you feel more confident about making rapid strides toward better health.

Maintain a high level of activity.


Despite the progress in preventive care based on functional medicine, you must maintain an active life and keep increasing your activity level in small increments in tune with better health. The level of physical activity undertaken indicates your health condition, and regular exercise is as important as a healthy diet. Physical activity is a great stress buster and prevents conditions such as depression and anxiety, besides elevating mood and boosting well-being. Regular physical activity supports growth and development and greatly impacts wellness. 

Moreover, specific physical activities can address many health concerns and contribute significantly to staying healthy. As revealed in various studies, increased physical activity leads to improved mental health and does a lot of good for the body and mind. People who exercise enjoy a better quality of life and have better emotional well-being and mental health. Exercise in your daily routine and work out for 30 to 60 minutes daily, five days a week. 

Keep a close watch on your weight and keep it under control. 

Fight obesity with guidance and support from the Vista health and wellness clinic experts. Your wellness and well-being are in your hands, and by making small and manageable changes in your daily routine, you can improve your health and well-being. To enjoy a long life with sound health, you must work toward creating individualized health plans with support from healthcare experts who specialize in delivering various high-quality health services.  

Make your journey toward optimal health more interesting by practicing self-care daily to improve your health with support from health and wellness specialists. How you feel about yourself tells a lot about your health condition.

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