What to Wear with Olive Green Pants for Women


The color of the uniform of the US troops during the Second World War was one of the reasons for widespread awareness about the olive green color. As the name implies, the olive green color is predominantly green with a mix of yellow that forms a dark yellowish-green color. 

Mixing one part of blue paint with three parts of yellow paint results in green paint, which, when combined with the right proportion of red, creates a dark hue of green known as olive green. The US military uniform color, which later proliferated across armies of other countries, is ‘Olive drab,’ a duller shade of olive green. The color caught the fancy of fashion designers who explored the warm and elegant hues of olive green to create stylish outfits. Olive green trousers are trendy, and you should know what to wear with olive green pants to create chic outfits.

Ace the look by knowing what to wear with olive green pants 

While exploring various outfits and colors that go well with olive green pants, you should abide by some unwritten rules governing fashion design. The first rule is to avoid colors that clash with olive green. Never try to match olive green pants with bright colors like orange and neon pink outfits, and avoid other shades of green. The second rule is for women who should be careful about their makeup by sticking to neutral makeup like soft brown eye shadow. The lip color can be either bold, like berry or red, or avoid coloring the lips to match it perfectly with the earthy tones of olive green. Finally, olive green is a sensitive color prone to fading and requires proper maintenance to retain the earthy tones in all its glory. Avoid washing olive green pants in hot water and avoid any chances of bleaching. 

Olive green pants are versatile pieces in any wardrobe, pairing well with various colors and styles. When selecting a shirt to go with olive green pants, consider a white tee for a crisp, casual look or a striped shirt for a patterned contrast that remains understated. A navy blue shirt can create a striking contrast for a smart casual appearance, while a light blue option offers a softer complementary hue.

For those cooler months, or when a more layered outfit is desired, sage green tones in a sweater can harmoniously blend with the olive pants for a monochromatic scheme. Don’t overlook the opportunity to add a denim jacket over your shirt choice, adding texture and a classic touch to the ensemble.

For a bold and sophisticated option, especially in professional or dressier settings, consider a black shirt or grey shirt, which can balance the olive pants’ earthy tones with a more urban feel. And for footwear, brown shoes or white sneakers can complete the outfit with style and practicality. Accessorize smartly with a banana republic-inspired accessory, like a tasteful leather belt, to elevate your look further.

However, to ace the look, you should know what to wear with olive green pants. 

The history of olive green pants

Before exploring what to wear with olive green pants, it will be interesting to learn a bit about the history of the olive green color and its use for clothing. The name olive green was used from 1150 to 1500, and no record is available about its use before that time. Therefore, it is sensible to surmise that since that time, color has started gaining popularity for use in clothing. 

The muted tone of olive green acts is ideal for creating camouflage with the green surroundings, making it the color of choice for making military uniforms worldwide. Soldiers dressed in the muted colors can remain almost undetected as the olive green color nicely blends with the greenery of the terrain. Not only was the olive drab color worn by soldiers during World War II and the Vietnam War, which then became a standard, but tanks and weapons were painted in that color, too. The trend continued through the years till a camouflage pattern called ‘woodland’ featuring flecks of brown, black, green, and sand replaced olive green in 1981. However, not all countries have given up the drab olive green for military uniforms. India, Venezuela, Cuba, Israel, and Austria still have military uniforms in olive green.

Olive green – An inspiration for fashion designers

 What started as a chosen color for military use gradually transcended the fashion circles as fashion designers took considerable interest in exploring the earthy appeal of olive green to create fashionable outfits. Solid green might not always be good for developing fashionable bottom wear. However, numerous options for experimenting with different shades of green have greatly inspired fashion designers. The varied tones and shades of green include emerald, verdant, olive, sage, moss, forest, lime, chartreuse, army, kelly, and hunter or khaki. The shades differ in darkness, which depends on the proportion of mixing red with green. 

 Olive green is one of the favorite colors of fashion-conscious people as it complements most skin tones quite well. The color symbolizes sophistication, peace, and harmony and further signifies empathy, perception, and humankind. 

Although some people may consider the color a bit drab, there is nothing about it. Green shades have an inherent freshness that touches upon everyone exposed to them, which means that the air of freshness will touch you even if you are not wearing the color.

With the proper understanding of the use of green color for clothing, let us explore what to wear with olive green pants. 

Know how to style olive green pants.

 Any classic wardrobe cannot do without olive green pants because of the fantastic appeal of the versatile bottom wear that adds range to your collection. It’s not difficult to choose a matching color tone for the upper part of the body that accentuates the green shade perfectly. Such is the versatility of olive green that you need not worry about matching colors as long as you know which colors suit formal occasions and which are best for casual outings. 

From black, blue, and navy to grey, pink, green, and maroon, numerous shades go well with olive green, but a thoughtful consideration of the circumstances is necessary to figure out what to wear with olive green pants. Although it is easy to match most colors with olive green without overthinking, you must carefully create the most charming looks. The chosen color should not only be matching aesthetically but should also be most appropriate for the occasion. Although olive green has a formal touch, the appeal of navy, black, or grey is far higher with broader acceptability.

Here are some style ideas for women looking for answers to what to wear with olive green pants for weekend work and work. Based on the perception that fashion should be practical and versatile, the cropped wide-leg olive green pants are on the best-seller list of most fashion influencers. Those trying to deviate from skinny jeans for comfort and ease would find wide-leg pants most suitable. These pants are comfortable, easy to fit, and suitable for going out to work or meeting friends over the weekend. Whether for work or play, you can try out the style ideas described below.

White blouse and block heel sandals


Spring is when you can feel happiness in the air, and your mood is reflected in your choice of clothes. A sense of gaiety fills our minds, and a sprightly mood prevails upon our selection of dresses. For the most appealing office-going look during spring, you can match the olive green pants with a white blouse accentuated with some lace details. The combination is so perfect and easy to implement that you would stop thinking about what to wear with olive green pants. How you cover your feet, whether you prefer to leave your feet exposed, is a matter of personal choice. If you don’t mind foot exposure, you can go for block-heeled sandals, but if you have to follow a dress code, then covering your feet is necessary. Close-toed shoes might not be suitable for many who can opt for pumps or flats.

 Gray cardigan sweater and neutral flats

 When you stand in front of the mirror wearing a cropped gray cardigan upon a pair of olive green wide-leg pants, you can rightly think that it’s the best style to make heads turn. Whether the attire brings out the best in you is a different consideration, but there should not be any doubt about the appropriateness of the combination of olive green and gray. To complete the outfit, slip into some flats that have a classic appeal. The ensemble of dresses supported by the footwear seems to be ‘made for each other’ in the true sense of the term. For more comfort, you can add heel cushions, encouraging you to carry on attire for longer hours. Gray and olive green are natural allies; you need not look beyond the combination when searching for what to wear with olive green pants.

 Cardigan with striped T-shirts and white sneakers


 Your search for the perfect weekend attire ends with the combination of olive green pants with a white striped T-shirt and white sneakers that create dignified casual attire. Whether you choose a polo neck or V-neck T-shirt, the effect is the same, but the style quotient might vary. You would know best which type of T-shirt brings out the best in you. The T-shirt should be in some neutral or light shade with dark color horizontal thin bands or stripes, preferably in red, navy, gray, or black. The outfit is perfect for sporting activities or weekend getaways with family and friends. For the footwear, white sneakers are the obvious choice. Finally, a brown belt could give completeness to your look. Whether you go for a dark or light brown shade of the belt, both can perfectly complement the attire around olive green pants.

Striped shirt with Moto jacket and Converse

Striped shirts have the correct design elements to create the perfect pair with olive green shirts, and you must have a few striped shirts in your wardrobe because of their classic looks. A striped polo-neck full-sleeved shirt can help make you shine in olive green wide-leg pants, and topping it with a Moto jacket is a marvelous idea. You can alter the neck design to suit your style. Although the choice of jacket can vary, not wearing a coat is never an option as it can make you appear out of sorts. However, to give an edgy feel to the look mixed with some fun elements, there is hardly anything better than Moto jackets. No need to fret if you do not have a Moto jacket because you can substitute it with a denim jacket that creates almost similar effects.  

Denim jacket, straw hat, and sandals

 For the most casual looks, pick up a denim jacket that complements the earthy appeal of olive green pants in the most befitting manner. The rugged and rustic look denim jackets form the perfect combination with olive green trousers regardless of the style, slim or flared. Whether you wear a denim jacket or cardigan, it is essential to balance them with an excellent top tank. The color of the top should be in some light or neutral shades, which are usually most common to match with olive green pants. A slate-colored top can create a subdued but dignified look in combination with the pants, as the attire acquires considerable weight due to the dark, solid color of the Moto jacket. A straw hat and sandals would complete the outfit, displaying a light-hearted mood that defines all casual outings. 

Floral print blouse with black pump shoes

Going through the article, you might wonder if there is anything more to suggest for the query raised about what to wear with olive green pants. Well, the olive green color of pants is so versatile that you can fire your imagination to create the most scintillating looks in a floral printed blouse. 

The flurry of colors in floral prints laid out on some dark base looks amazingly bright, especially when you match it with a pair of olive green wide-leg pants. To draw the focus on the attire, it is necessary to complete the outfit by including the most supportive accessories. A black belt and a pair of black pumps provide the highlights that turn the gaze towards you. Finally, the height of heels would depend on whatever you are comfortable with and have enough cushions to enhance the comfort. 

Although the focus is mainly on the dress when trying to find an answer to what to wear with olive green pants, you should never ignore the role of accessories, which is as important as any other piece of dress. Carrying a bag with the outfit is especially essential for the completeness of the attire. 

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